Delete argo tunnel entry

I’m using Docker image to create my tunnels, but when I access the cloudflared cli I cannot see all the created tunnels. How can I delete the old tunnels I don’t use anymore? there is some way to do this dynamically?

Do you get some sort of error? I believe you need the cert.pem file in order to work with existing tunnels. For example, on my home Raspberry Pi (PiHole), I run cloudflared tunnel list and it also shows me the tunnels on my web servers.

I am running into something similar using Docker running an initial setup and had to install the Argo components outside onto another machine in order to see the tunnels and delete them. I cannot identify why. A great article I found about combining Docker with CloudFlare Argo tunnels was here: Cloudflare Tunneling with Docker | FAUN using a native on-OS Argo install.

Probably not holistically helpful but at least this will help you delete previous tunnels and keep trying. Here are the commands:

I noticed when I ran the following command, although I received a .PEM file, the .JSON I received had a blank UUID:

sudo docker run -it --rm -v /docker/cloudflare/cloudflared/initiallogin/:/home/nonroot/.cloudflared/ cloudflare/cloudflared:latest tunnel login

sudo docker run -it --rm -v /docker/cloudflare/cloudflared/initiallogin/:/home/nonroot/.cloudflared/ cloudflare/cloudflared:latest tunnel create MYTUNNEL

Basically, my directory I create for Docker to redirect the volume (as referenced above as /docker/cloudflare/cloudflared/initiallogin/) had two files: a cert.pem and a .json.

As I tried to use the Docker image to list things I received a message mentioning a .JSON issue.

So ultimately, I installed the Argo components on a Linux OS and was able to delete my tunnels:

Shown for Debian

sudo mkdir /docker/cloudflare/install
sudo wget -q -P /docker/cloudflare/install/
sudo dpkg -i /docker/cloudflare/install/cloudflared-linux-amd64.deb
sudo cloudflared tunnel login
# Open link in browser and it should download the .PEM to: /root/.cloudflared/cert.pem
sudo cloudflared tunnel list
sudo cloudflared delete (TUNNEL NAME FROM LIST)
sudo cloudflared create tunnel (NEW TUNNEL NAME)
# Tunnel credentials written to /root/.cloudflared/(LEGIT UUID).json.

At least this should enable you to delete tunnels.

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