Delete all banned IPs

Good day to all. In general, I had a problem in the course of using Cloudflare. It lies in the fact that some time ago, Fail2Ban worked on my server and, in the course of its work, it entered blocked IP addresses into the firewall. But after reinstalling the VPS, it turns out that they cannot be quickly unbanned through Fail2Ban. Can you please tell me how to quickly clean up this list?

The answer is probably going to be the API. Can you share the page where those are listed, and I can point to the docs or a quicker way.


Since I can’t send links in messages yet, I’ll write a sequence.

Website → Security → WAF → Tools.

On the “Tools” page, there is a section of IP Access Rules, where this list is located.

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In general, the problem was solved. I searched the forum and found several questions with a similar topic. I made a script that, through the API, cleaned the entire list automatically. Many thanks for the help!