Delete a website that isn't showing on "home"

Hello team,
I integrated my website “” via ezoic’s name servers and apparently a Cloudflare account was created there. Now I need to integrate differently via Cloudflare by pointing my name servers to Cloudflare then complete the integration on ezoic.
When reached to hostinger, my host provider, they got an error message that said that the site has already an account although it’s not showing up on my home page with sites added, and I also removed the linkage on ezoic platform…
Any idea how to delete a site that isn’t added ?


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear this, but we would have to go “step-by-step” because it sounds like a complicated thing as far for now due to either eZoic + integration + individually adding domaian to Cloudflare + Hostinger (possible SaaS integrator for Cloudflare) which might result in your website not being accessible and not working properly anymore, including your e-mails, etc.

I would:

  1. Disable eZoic in their interface
  2. Check for any DNSSEC option at Cloudflare dashboard / eZoic interface / Hostinger / domainr egistrar and disable DNSSEC and remove any DS records (contact your domain registrar to check this for you)
  3. Remove eZoic nameservers at my domain registrar
  4. Remove domain from my Cloudflare account
  5. Contact my hosting provider → Hostinger → ask them if there is any CNAME record for my domain being added through their interface as a SaaS integration and kindly ask them to remove it
  6. Wait for next 24-48 hours to resolve any issue if possible → website might not be accessible in this time

After all that, I believe you can “start again”, but:

  1. Add your domain name to Cloudflare
  2. Change my domain nameservers to the provided/given in the process of adding my domain name to my Cloudflare account
  3. Unfortunately, I would not connect/integrate eZoic right away (neither use eZoic) as there are topics here if you can look up for using :search: icon for “ezoic” and issues users had with it
  4. Check the DNS records at DNS tab and make sure my website is working fine over HTTPS and pointing and loading from correct Hostinger IPs/CNAME records

After this, if you still want eZoic, okay, but kindly I would just add a notice there are users who have got issues with it, like cannot enable cache and optimizations, cannot unlink their domain name, website is slow and similar.

Thank you Fritex for your detailed and through answer and I’ll follow that step by step process.

I want your assessment on my understanding to the first section in terms of whose owning what between Ezoic and Hostinger

  • Ezoic will handle 1, 2, 3
  • Hostinger will handle 2,3,5

For point 4, the domain isn’t showing on the Cloudflare account’s homepage. That’s one of the problems that it’s not there and still showing to Hostinger as existing.

Then for the next section Hostinger will do the pointing to Cloudflare and the comment here is, I think they have the nameservers already cause it says here that they should handle it right!

And I’ll do the search for the relevant ezoic issues cause on the other hand it’s one of the best money earning options out there for a small website like myself but I’ll check the other view as well.

Hello Team,
To update you about the current progress, Ezoic removed the integration with them which created their Cloudflare account and I also removed my site completely from Ezoic, so now I don’t have that site with them…
Hostinger still can’t point the site to Cloudflare cause they still get the attached message… With ezoic out of the way now, what do you think is causing this still?


Thank you for feedback information and update.

From what I understand, from now on you can add your domain to your own personal Cloudflare account and point your domain name to your own set of Cloudflare nameserver.
Therefore, you can configure each of the features indifidually and manage the DNS records and point them like A www and/or A to your Hostinger server IP so your website would be accessible.

I am not familiar with Hostinger interface, so if you connect with them as integrator, you would again end up having an issue with connecting eZoic.
If you allow eZoic, then Hostinger will show you the pop-up over again.

And you end up in a loop here as far as:

  1. Hostinger is a SaaS integrator for Cloudfalre
  2. eZoic is a SaaS integrator for Cloudflare
  3. You can use both, without SaaS integration and without pointing nameservers to “their Cloudflare”, instead use your own domain with your own set of Cloudflare nameservers, therefore just configure your DNS records
  4. Unfortunately, you cannot use 1) and 2) at the same time, but as state in 3) yes you can use both services.

Don’t use Hostinger integration as it would re-create CF account and connect your domain automatically (asking you to change again nameservers to your “hostinger Cloudflare account”).
Use your own Cloudflare account and point DNS records to your Hostinger server IP address.
Therefore, after you can add eZoic - but again, not through their interface and without changing nameservers to them.

Thank you for your feedback once more Fritex.
The point that I’m struggling to udnerstand is “my personal account” point. The only way I got in Cloudflare is through purchasing the hostinger plan that had access to Cloudflare or something like that and then I received an email that said my account is created, then another email that said the domain is added on Cloudflare.
I don’t have a personal account meaning that I didn’t signup to Cloudflare on my own, and when this problem first happened couple of weeks ago, and I had to log in to Cloudflare I couldn’t find my password so I asked to reset it and that’s the only action that I took with Cloudflare ever since the account was created back in 2021.
I tried now adding the site to Cloudflare to see if the same message will pop up but the next step asked me to choose a plan so I stopped because it should be covered under Hostinger.
So I’m not sure what personal account means in this situation

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