Delete A-Record entries when adding CNAME to AWS ELB?


I’m currently a little bit confused: When I’m adding a domain, which I already registered using Route53, the Cloudflare Scan shows me 2 A-Records with the IPs of the AWS LoadBalancer (at Route53 I just added an “A-Record alias” with the LBs DNS-Name). After reading the Docs ( I should add a CNAME with the LBs DNS-Name. What happens to the 2 A-Records? Should they be removed? Currently it makes no sence to me to keep the A-Records, as the CNAME will resolve the LBs DNS-Name. But AFAIK A-Records are the most important part of the domain :smiley:

Thx in advanced!

Ok. I got my answer from a colleague: Yes, I have to remove the A-Records as those are essentially DHCP IPs and will change.