Delete a Domain


I am very new to this. I am using clickfunnels and added my domain to Cloudflare. I did not realize this would mess up my wordpress site that uses the same domain. I know now that I should have added a sub domain.

My question is, how do I remove my domain and restore it to how it was so that I can continue to use my wordpress site. A 2nd question is, is adding a sub domain the same process?

Thank you for any insight

Hi there.

If you want to use a subdomain you will need to keep the root domain on Cloudflare and set up the subdomain on the DNS tab of the dashboard. There you can disable Cloudflare for the root domain by clicking the cloud icon so it turns grey :grey:

Thank you for the quick reply!

I added the sub domain and the cloud icon is grey for the root domain.
I’m not sure if I am missing a step or if i just need to wait a while.

When I go to my root domain I am still getting the warning pictured below.

Are you still running into problem? If so, respond so we can have a look.

I have this same problem. I have changed back the name servers on GoDaddy, deleted my domain on both ClickFunnels and Cloudflare. The domain still tries to connect to Clickfunnels and I don’t know if I just need to wait longer or I have missed a step. I hope someone can help me.

It does take up to a day or two for it to switch back. What I ended up doing was buying a dedicated domain for my funnel and everything is working just fine

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