Delete a domain name cname acceleration in other accounts

Hello, I have a domain name that I want to resolve and host through CNAME. When I bind it, I am prompted to bind it under another account. Visit its page and it shows that it is bound under Baidu Cloud Acceleration. Baidu unilaterally tells me: What is the cloudflare node? , We have no cooperation with cloudflare, you go to cloudflare to unbind, what information is needed to unbind, since the cooperation with Baidu has been cancelled, why visit the default page will display the Baidu cloud acceleration node IP information but show the cloudflare cdn node ? ? What evidence do I need to provide when requesting to delete the domain name bound to another person’s account? Domain Registrant Details Page? Or what? Does the evidence support the Chinese registrar?
My domain name is

You guys told me No other account binding was found.,lt is not bound to other partners. Then I just looked at it again and it still shows CloudFlare is already activated for “” under a different account. If you want to enable CloudFlare through this partner, please log in to your CloudFlare account and choose “Disconnect” on your CloudFlare DNS Settings page.

For some reason, only cname can be used

Can you take a closer look for me

Its page shows that Baidu Cloud Acceleration IP is a cloudflare node

It turns out that you are not accelerating the cooperation with Baidu Cloud? In other words, overseas acceleration uses your cloudflare IP. I want to delete the access in Baidu Cloud Acceleration, but I was told that Baidu Cloud Acceleration told me that there is no cooperation with Cloudflare now. For this issue, let me contact Cloudflare official to deal with it.
Now it can’t work. Strictly speaking, I can’t use cloudflare’s business at all. I’m very anxious. Is there any way I can access cname?

Sorry I don’t understand English, these English are machine-translated, which may be quite different from the actual I only know Chinese.

I sent a work order and said it was not bad, but I was very anxious (

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