Delete 3rd party account

As far as I know, the only party that will be able to remove an email address from Cloudflare email routing is the Cloudflare account owner, but let’s wait and see if anyone else joins in this conversation and has additional insight.

If you are able to edit your post, you should remove your email address. That is not information that you really want to publicly share on a Community forum.

That said, the domain in the email you posted does not use Cloudflare email routing an points to Google mail servers. Is that the address that your third-party address is delivering to?

Yes the account points to Google Workspace. I have contacted them. They suggested Cloudflare as it was mentioned as the host server. They incidentally cannot get into account to delete it.

Who is @thepatrolman2 ? How do you fit into @irishman54a’s problem?

I registered the patrolman 2 as a free account to enable me to contact Cloudflare directly. This account has no influence to {redacted Do not share email}

Please stop publishing your email address in your posts. It is an unnecessary disclosure of personal information and it creates undue burden on the moderation staff to edit it out of your post.


Before we can provide guidance we need now what you really need.

Cloudflare email routing is a service that forwards email addresses in one domain to third-party mailboxes. It would allow Bob to receive email sent to [email protected] in his exiting mailbox at [email protected]. Is this service involved in the situation that you are trying to fix?

Based on your reply to my first reply, I thought it was, but your subsequent reply suggests that you simply want to change the mail server that your MX records point to and you do not have access to the Cloudflare account that is managing the domain’s DNS.

How domains are involved here?
Is it just the instamail domain?
Is that your domain?

If the answer to the above is: one, yes, and yes, we can very likely help you accomplish your goal.

If you do not have access to Cloudflare account that domain is in right now and you are unable to recover your account, you will need to move the domain into a new Cloudflare account.

I am not the Domain owner. Therefore I have no access to it.
I am also not technically minded.
I just want to cancel, delete or get rid of this account permanently.

Can you please answer the following questions:

  1. Are you using Cloudflare’s Email Routing?
  2. Is the account you are trying to delete a Google Workspace account or a Cloudflare account?
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The account is a Google Workspace account using Cloudflare.

If it’s not your domain and it’s not your Cloudflare account, I’m at a loss as to what you hope to accomplish here.

Is it your Google Workspace account?

If you are just trying to remove a domain from your Google Workspace account, Google has an instructional guide covering that procedure.

I have been in contact with Google. They cannot delete the account.
I was hoping Cloudflare could do it for me. I just seem to be going round in circles.

Cloudflare certainly has no way to delete a Google Workspace account.

How can this account be deleted.
It uses a Cloudflare server. I have checked on WHOIS.
Google cannot delete this account as they cannot gain access to it.
I am therefore at a brick wall.
But I appreciate your help.

If it’s not your Google Workspace account, and it’s not your domain, and it’s not your Cloudflare account, it doesn’t seem like the account is yours to delete.

Am I missing some detail that would make sense of this?

Some detail of the account.
I inherited from my late father.
He bought this account on eBay some years ago.
I have full access to it. But not to the Admin Console.

You can’t delete a Google Workspace account from the Cloudflare dashboard or admin console.

You can delete a Google Workspace account from the Google Workspace Admin Console. But if you don’t have access to that there’s nothing we can do unfortunately.

If Google wants you to prove control of the domain using DNS, you will want to start by using the registrar’s process for moving domain (or account ownership) in the event of the owner’s death. The domain whois shows the domain is registered though a company going by the name of, which is also their web address.

Once you have own the domain you can move it a new Cloudflare account and make any DNS changes you need.

I have received the following from Google.
They say

Hello Steve,

I appreciate the efforts for reaching them out.

The only thing that we need to do with Cloudflare is to add the CNAME record to your DNS settings.

  • Label/Host/Name: 42916797
  • Destination/Target/Value:google
  • Time to live (TTL): 3600 seconds / 60 minutes / 1 Hour / default

Once this record is added and already propagating to our system. We can proceed on a request to delete this Google Workspace account. Kindly inform Cloudflare about the record that you need to add to your DNS settings and reply back to me of successful action.

I will wait for your response. Have a great day!

Kind Regards,

Kimberly Grace
Google Workspace Support

Can you please arrange this for me so that I can finally delete the account.


Cloudflare will not make any DNS changes on your behalf, unless you can gain access to the Cloudflare account with the domain in then your only option is to go to the Registrar as mentioned earlier.

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