Delegating only a third level zone ( to cloudflare

I am in the process of trying out Cloudflare. I host my own DNS (, and I have created a distinct third level zone ( I put glue records in the zone and setup the zone in its own separate file. (I am using BIND on linux boxes). Testing this on gives a green light (save for a “WARNING: Looks like the parent servers do not have information for your TLD when asked. This is ok but can be confusing.”)

However when I try to add this zone to Cloudflare’s control panel I get:

Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not (Code: 1116)

I have tried a few variations (set an A record for the either in the parent, child or both zones) withouth obtaining any change.

Is what I am trying to do possible? I do not want to delegate the entire DNS management of over to Cloudflare.

Subdomain signup is possible on out enterprise plans. You might also look into Cloudflare’s CNAME signup option depending on your actual use case.


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