Delegating one subdomain to AWS Route 53

Hey Cloudflare team,

I’m using Cloudflare for my root domain/site,, which itself is working just fine; I want to delegate one specific subdomain, to AWS Route 53, and am running into what I am sure is a stupid problem.

I’ve grabbed the NS from the AWS Route 53 hosted zone for the and put them in as NS records in Cloudflare. I also turned of HTTPS force and set up 2 page rules; one to set app(dot)repool(dot)com/* to SSL OFF and one to set repool(dot)com/* to Always HTTPS, to try and prevent any SSL issues (though i don’t think this is the problem). Using (dot) because as a new poster i’m only allowed 4 links per post lol.

I don’t know what to set the A Name record in AWS Route 53 to; we use Fargate tasks on ECS and i’m not sure the proper IP to resolve to as a result. Sorry if I seem amateurish here; I am.

Can someone take me through a step by step of how to delegate a subdomain correctly to Route 53 if we’re using ECS? Please let me know if there is further information needed.

Thank you!!

As soon as you delegate a subdomain away with NS records, then any Cloudflare settings you have will not apply to that subdomain.

You shouldn’t need to do anything else if Route 53 is properly configured for that subdomain.

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