Delegate Subdomain To Another CloudFlare User

Alice owns, she wants to give her friend Bob full control over DNS records of, it doesn’t matter what is the UI and what DNS nameservers bob wants to use (let’s assume Alice and Bob both want to use Cloudflare to get it started).

Feature Request: allow Alice give away subdomains of her domain to other users for free or for a fee when they request her (via some built-in form on CF or by other ways).

Question: in case this request won’t be implemented by CF team, what would be the best approach to implementing it: 1) via CF API with separate UI for editing DNS records and separate DB for keeping delegation info, 2) via CF apps platform (is it possible? what are the restrictions?)?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

Thanks for your point. In this case the feature request pertains only to cases when both Alice and Bob want to use Cloudflare.

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Today that option is only available on an Enterprise plan (for at least the delegated subdomain). Absent that, you could create a tool to allow Bob to update his DNS record in your zone (web UI you controlled using your API key for example to do the update) however any Cloudflare settings if :orange: would be based on your zone’s settings.