Delegate Domain to an other account

Its possible to migrate a domain to an other account?
How can i do this without changing DNS.


You can export/import your DNS records, but you’ll have to change name servers, as accounts don’t share name server pairs.

Alternatively, you could just share the existing account, with the other email address.{accid}/members

Thanks for answering.
And certificate SSL? I have to create a new one?

Thanks for answering, but i want to share one domain. If i share the account, the new email will see all domains.

The site should already have one on the server, but on the new account, you’ll have to go through the usual initial setup, including SSL mode and Universal Certificate.

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I see, that’s only possible with the Cloudflare Enterprise Plan. Really wish it was available on the smaller packages as well.

Basic ACLs shouldn’t be limited to Enterprise imo, especially for the great and wide-varying services that Cloudflare offers.

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