Delegate a single AWS Route53 sub domain to Cloudflare


I’m not sure whether this is even possible or not but:

Can we delegate a single sub domain to Cloudflare and manage it on Cloudflare’s side?

If you have Business/are willing to pay for it, you can do a CNAME Setup on a subdomain:

If you have Enterprise, you can do a Subdomain setup using NS records to delegate the subdomain to Cloudflare:

If you have neither, you can only do a “Full setup” delegating your entire domain to Cloudflare via changing its nameservers.

You can do it backwards, doing a full setup with Cloudflare and delegating a subdomain to Route53 is free on Cloudflare and doesn’t cost you anything outside of normal Route53 costs (that I know of).

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Cool, thanks for providing refs and your help.

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