Delays Sending Emails/Emails Not Received

My site barronsplace dot come has been using cloudflare for a number of years but within the past week of so people have been saying they are not receiving emails. In addition, I’ve noticed that emails sit in outbox for a very long time before getting sent. Seeking some help to problem the issue.

Thank you … Rick

Your email related DNS records MX and A so far looks good to me and correctly configured.

Except, DKIM is somehow invalid. Have you changed something? :thinking:

Nevertheless, SPF is okay, despite the DMARC does not exist.

Have you considered troubleshooting this issue with your email/hosting provider too? :thinking:

Are you using to sent those emails or some other hostname for your SMTP? :thinking:

Below are helpful articles:

Appreciate the prompt reply. Exploring issue w/ hosting company. They previously suggested I use gator3321 dot hostgator dot com for the servers vs. mail dot barronsplace dot com.

Hosting company assisted w/ some changes to SPF and a refresh of DKIM. I’ll monitor sending and receipt status.