Delays and errors through DNS entry

We have a DNS entry with proxy enabled that goes from to that has started a few hours ago to return some 520 and 522 errors in addition to delays. When we directly hit the later one we don’t experience such delays or errors.

Any clues? How can we further analyze this issue? So far looks like Cloudflare performance issue.

For me Cloudflare triggers a timeout error 522:

Error 522

Ray ID: 712267627a2c00b6 • 2022-05-27 23:06:55 UTC

Connection timed out

This normally indicates that the origin behind Cloudflare (your server) is not responding in time.
How to solve these errors and what exactly they mean, can be found here, by clicking these links:

Now is working fine again, it seems it was some temporal (more than 4 hours long) performance issue with Cloudflare.


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