Delay Tunnel Health Alert Notifications on fault/ return to normal

Hi there,

I have several dozen Cloudflare Tunnels setup, along with notifications for their health in Dashboard > Notifications > Tunnel Health Alert. My only configuration options for the notification (other than selecting which/all tunnels I want to monitor) are:

  • Becomes either healthy, degraded, or down
  • Becomes either degraded or down
  • Becomes down
  • Becomes degraded
  • Becomes healthy

I have a number of tunnels that tend to drop offline every now and then, but usually come back after a few minutes. Others can yoyo up/down every minute for hours. Unfortunately, some of the sites have spotty internet and it’s beyond my control.

What I’d love to see are a couple of customisable delays, e.g.

  • Send notification when the tunnel becomes degraded/down:
    • immediately
    • after [1-600] minutes
    • pause notifications when cloudflared is being updated unless the tunnel fails to come back online after [5-600] minutes of going down
  • Send notification when the tunnel becomes healthy:
    • immediately
    • after [1-600] minutes

Then I could add some delay so that I only get a notification when there really is a problem, and I will only get a notification once the service has become stable enough that’s it’s remained online for some time. Likewise, it’d be useful to pause notifications when cloudflared is being updated. I only need to know if it failed to come back online.

It would really help cut down the noise of constant degraded/down/health emails.