Delay in website loading

Hi Team, we do see that our application is facing with the latency as it is hosted on Canada location and our end customers are from Indian region. we would like to know our cloud provider(AWS,GCP,AZURE etc…)Please suggest us on which server we can access without latency, we have suppose to be have website from Indian website

Hi there,

Hi there. This is my advice to improve your website performance.

To start, I see that you’re serving the website in www. and the redirect from the non www to www is coming from the origin, according to my test, this is adding between 178ms to 326ms to the page load for anyone not typing www in the address. This can be easily solved by creating a redirect in your Cloudflare dashboard. To do this, please go to Rules > Redirect Rules and create a rule similar to this:

Now for the remaining issue, you have a cache plugin in your origin, this can be seen due to the presence of a x-cache header:
Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 13.04.39
however, you’re not caching on Cloudflare:
Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 13.04.26
Due to your cache control headers max-age=0:

So, if you want to increase performance, you should either change the cache control headers at your origin to allow for Cloudflare to cache content from your origin and serve it from the edge server, or create cache rules to force cache by ignoring those headers:

Cache rules can be created under Caching > Cache Rules

Take care.

Hello @mcorreia , Great it worked a bit and able to access the home page bit faster now. But when we are accessing other pages of our website, we do feel little bit latency as well. Can you help us by increasing the speed at whole website.

“All incoming requests”, will this work for our case under redirecting rule. If yes, can you provide us the expression for whole website to increase the performance.

Thanks in advance, and will be waiting for the response.