Delay in my website

I have a digital ocean droplet connected to Cloudflare, that droplet has a laravel project and next js project.

nextjs is the main domain and laravel on sub domain

next →
backend →

most of the time whenever tried to open my website it’s getting delayed and in some cases it gives me an error, timeout

when I access the website/backend through IP direct, it works fine without any delay. just when using Cloudflare I can see the delay.

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Have you tried pausing Cloudflare on your website? You can find that option in the bottom-right corner of the overview tab of your domain.

This will bypass Cloudflare’s CDN and all your domains will connect directly to your droplet.

You can always turn it on again.

Hope it helps!

Yes, already did that but the same issue as well, so late when visit the link


It works fine for me this side.

If that’s the case, you may need to differentiate, debug along with the error code.

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