Delay for modification of A record. Normal ? 30 minutes

Is Cloudflare usually fast ? I mean if I add, modify dns records…

Tonight I was waiting 30 minutes after modifying or adding a new A record… (Note TTL was 2 minutes )

Up to now I am satisfied but I’m glad I was not on a RUSH tonight (doing some testing)

If the record is :orange: proxied you won’t see any change since the address that is returned always belongs to the Cloudflare proxy.

It can also help to perform your queries against the domain’s authoritative servers. Those are the two nameservers that you will see listed in your Cloudflare dashboard in the DNS app.

Tks ! Much appreciated

my entries are DNS ONLY
And I was making manual DNS queries using cloudflare servers ( dig @myclouldflareNS A my entry )

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