Defunct and glitchy [Cloudflare Alert]: Please confirm attempted account access


While it is important to protect the user login credentials and so on it is not the CloudFlare responsibility to harden the security of accounts. The email-token system is working one in ten times, some of my accounts are inaccessible at all as I do not receive email confirmations.

I don’t suppose that I am the only person experiencing such problems on everyday basis. Please conduct a testing before you put that […] into production. I am sure the system should be disabled until it will be fit for a wild. As for the security architecture I am sure it is not useful at all.


The account access feature works for me every time, and for a company like Cloudflare likely went through many rounds of QA testing.

Try checking your spam/junk folders, whitelisting the Cloudflare domain on your mail server/mail provider, and contacting support about the issue, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


Of course I’ve checked the spam. Of course I’ve sent mail to [email protected] They unblock it for a while and then all repeat anew. I have muiltiple accounts and many of them are affected. I’ve always received the mail from CF without any obstacles.


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