Definitely automated - blocking meta previews of our website


When “Super Bot Fight Mode” is enabled and having “Definitely automated on block” CF is blocking meta previews of our website.

How do we fix it?


Hi there,

You should be able to use custom rules with the skip action - Configure a custom rule with the Skip action · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs to define a rule skips superbot fight mode.

Your Custom rule could take fields like Meta’s ASN & User-Agent to make sure your custom rule is as granular as possible to eliminate any risk.


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so strange that CF wouldnt allow them in.

How would I even start going through all the social networks and figuring out all the UA


If you look in your Firewall > Events section of the Cloudflare dashboard, when you are performing a preview, it should show you a firewall event with all the details of the request (including the user-agent, network ASN etc.)


Dont know even where to start with finding all the social network and their previews

would make sense CF does it and allowlist them

I guess we have to skip the feature for now

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