Define which COLO worker should run at

@user2765 I have a use case where I’d like to periodically ping my website from a couple of specific locations to check the average response time. I saw your previous posts regarding that but I was unable to figure it out on my own.

Is there any chance you could share that along via private message or g/e-mail?

Thanks a bunch!

Send me your email

I have sent an email

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Can you also send me a copy? I read your thread about hCaptcha DNS and I’m 99.99% sure it’s a ISP issue, just because it’s not fully blocked by GFW doesn’t mean it’s a hCaptcha DNS setup issue. I am Chinese and have done some research on GFW. For example, avoiding SNI recognition by tcp packet reassembly and retransmission to come cross GFW without proxy server. And I probably understand why CF does not allow to modify the fetch dns resolution, first of all this is the browser API, it originally did not allow to do so. Secondly many people use CF’s IP as a trusted IP, for example, I would whitelist CF’s IP and block all others to prevent or someone who use scanning tools to find my origin site. If it could modify directly, I could make a request like fetch(, to scan the whole network. But resolveOverride can’t do that, because it can only override your own domain name.