Define CNAME for subdomain

I want to set a CNAME record for this:

Add CNAME (alias) record with name 067f84d21b941ee4e7f2968f6ab661e0 and value
So your DNS provider will resolve host to[.com.]

I defined this records:
-type:CNAME, name:067f84d21b941ee4e7f2968f6ab661e0 , content:[.com]
-type:CNAME, name:067f84d21b941ee4e7f2968f6ab661e0.religion4azadi , content:[.com]

But at bing Webmaster panel, I get this message when I verifying add dns record:

Canonical Name Records No data available
We did not detect in the CNAME records for the host.

Please help, where did I go wrong ?! And how can I fix the problem?

Works for me. Maybe you just need to give it some time.

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