Default zone?

I just set up my domai but I have a blank page with an error: is there a default zone file that I can instal?

Set up where? In Cloudflare? If so, the blank page comes from your server.

Can you post the domain?

I set up the Cloudflare DNS so I thought there would be a default zone to come with it:

What do you imagine as default zone?

DNS wise your domain is properly set up, but you didnt create any records.

I thought that I would be able to set up a parking page for example?

No, Cloudflare doesnt host anything. They only tunnel (and that only if you configure the tunnel). The closest you could get to a parking page is a worker, returning custom content, but thats probably not the best use-case.

OK so does the “3 page rules” allows to set up anything?

Hi @jean, as mentioned in the thread, Cloudflare sits between your site and your visitors, we serve the pages you’ve already added to your site. Page rules allow you to customize and configure Cloudflare - for things like redirects as @sandro mentions. Page rules are not pages.

Your nameservers point correctly to Cloudflare, but you have no DNS records. When you add a domain to Cloudflare, we import DNS records we find on your site. From there, you can use the DNS tab to add, delete, and turn on and off various records (orange clouding (on), grey clouding (off)). This is a good article for background on DNS,

In the Cloudflare dashboard DNS tab, you can add your DNS records really easily. One of my sites in Cloudflare has just two DNS records. One is a CNAME record named www with a value of, the other is an A record named with a value of the IP address of my domain.

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OK, thank you.

I think the option to offer, for example, a default zone (or simple set up) to offer to redirect a domain name to another is a missing option.


Redirecting one domain to another is possible.

Hi @jean, I am intrigued by the idea of a default zone and have made a note to share with the product team. I don’t know how it would actually work (glad that’s the product teams job!), but I’d like to have a zone showing a “perfect” configuration that I could reference…or break/play with. Thanks!

In fact, as a registrant, I am thinking in terms of: “what then, once I have either transferred my domain to you and/or (just) set up your DNS”: something should appear when entering my domain name (it can be a parking page with your Cloudflare logo for example (but not an error). I use and have worked for a lot of registrars and I believe that offering the capacity to redirect emails and redirect the domain name should be made available (which requires some organization on your side). This means offering a default zone with A, MX and CNAME records at least. Hope this helps.

As mentioned above, that is already possible.

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