Default SubDomain inclusion/exclusion

I’ve just signed up for a paid account and worked through to Cloudflare providing the new Cloudflare Nameservers to replace my existing ones with.

What is unclear to me here is whether Cloudflare is going to include my subdomains by default.
I don’t want this to happen as whilst the retail website sits on the subdomain is where our SaaS platform resides an is on a completely different server.

I only want the primary retail site to run through Cloudflare, and as I haven’t been able to find some documentation explicitly saying SubDomains are included or not, I haven’t proceded as yet.

Also, if the answer is that subdomains are included, by default, how do I ensure they can be excluded.


Switch the DNS record in question to :grey: and you will be good to go. Requests for that host will go directly to your server, instead of to Cloudflare.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Sandro.
So the ones I have highlighted with a red box in the attached will be excluded?

cheers, Mark

If by excluded you mean go directly to your server and not via Cloudflare’s proxies, yes.

Yep. That was what I was meaning.
Have done the changes now. Will wait for the magic to happen :slight_smile:
Thanks, Sandro

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