Default settings for 'Wordpress' API on free service

I made the mistake of making changes to my Cloudflare API token - it is just the default ‘Wordpress’ entry you find with free accounts. Now I have no access to my sites either frontend or via FTP
A rookie mistake I know, but can any one send me a screenshot of the ‘wordpress’ default API settings in Cloudflare?

Is this something that a third-party created for you? There is no such token automatically created by default in Cloudflare.

A change to a Cloudflare API token should have no effect on your access to /wp-admin and it cannot have any effect on FTP access since that cannot be proxied through Cloudflare (unless you have Spectrum on an Enterprise agreement).

Can you share the domain name?

Hi epic

Aftre reading your reply I remembered that there is one domain that runs a wordpress based site (I normally use Joomla 5).
The hosts of that site did request access to my Cloudflare account, but neglected to inform me that they had created a token API…
So, it must have been them that added this a few months ago, and in my ignorance of CF API had assumed that this was some default setting.
So, in fact you have helped solve the problem…thank you for your observation and insight.


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It is only fair to add that my editing this Cloudflare setting happened to coincide with a glitch on my main hosting that prevented me from gaining access to my sites either via frontend or FTP…a 10,000 to 1 coincidence!

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Is this WordPress template in Cloudflare API token creation flow perhaps what you were referring to?


Yes! That’s the one

Thank you, I can reset it now


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