Default settings as switching to a new hosting provider

I wish to reset all the settings in cloud-flare for my website. Though i am aware that there is no reset button, i tried to remove my site from it but got an error stating that my domain is registered with cloud-flare and i need to contact support.

The reason i am doing this is to have clean settings as i am switching to a new hosting provider due to performance and error issues with my current hosting. To fix errors they changed settings in the Cloudflare account as well which has further slowed the site.

Kindly advise.

Simply update the relevant (e.g. A, AAAA, or CNAME) records for the host names that you need to go to the new provider, with the “new” information that they provide to you.


Is it possible to delete all DNS records in cloudflare, then import the records from the new hosting provider.

Will this also suffice?

If you no longer wish to use Cloudflare for security and performance reasons you can transfer your DNS to whatever provider you wish (update your registrar or transfer your domain from Cloudflare to a new registrar if you are). Most folks want to use Cloudflare for %reasons% and so when their hosting changes they simply point existing Cloudflare records. YMMV

You can use the API to empty the records in your zone.

You will need to create replacement records with the information provided by your new hosting.

Hi @gooofypilot, you mentioned having trouble removing your site due to domain registration with Cloudflare. You need to transfer your domain to another registrar before you can remove your site from Cloudflare. After successfully transferring, re-add your site to Cloudflare, and the settings will default back.

If transferring is not an option, you can manually reset each setting in the DNS, SSL/TLS, Speed, Caching, Network, and Custom Pages tabs in the dashboard. Remember to consult your new hosting provider for any specific settings needed.

For any persistent issues, please contact Cloudflare support.

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Just one caveat to add. The domain will need to be deleted/removed from the account for 7 days in order to be set to default. If you’re on a timeline you can add it to another Cloudflare account.

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