Default Server:unknown

Hiya! I’ve just configured Cloudflare’s DNS service on Windows 10, but when i check to see using the Cloudflare DNS settings but its says
Default Server:unknown
Address:** and my speeds not any better, what am I doing wrong?


If you look up a DNS record, does it resolve?

hiya! thank you, no, unless i am doing it wrong…

Check and Have problems with *Read Me First*

this is the results 1111help, I’m going through the other link now, thank you /help?_ga=2.230343452.1405481008.1594064690-154812489.1594064690&_gac=1.219682283.1594065005.Cj0KCQjwl4v4BRDaARIsAFjATPmSH8E7Q09y7VI2ks2YqxFcZ5JvhYqnU2GsEFzC3g5XnDRwjchZH_QaAm-vEALw_wcB#eyJpc0NmIjoiWWVzIiwiaXNEb3QiOiJObyIsImlzRG9oIjoiTm8iLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTEuMS4xLjEiOiJZZXMiLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTEuMC4wLjEiOiJZZXMiLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTI2MDY6NDcwMDo0NzAwOjoxMTExIjoiTm8iLCJyZXNvbHZlcklwLTI2MDY6NDcwMDo0NzAwOjoxMDAxIjoiTm8iLCJkYXRhY2VudGVyTG9jYXRpb24iOiJEVUIiLCJpc1dhcnAiOiJObyIsImlzcE5hbWUiOiJDbG91ZGZsYXJlIiwiaXNwQXNuIjoiMTMzMzUifQ==

Debug Information

Connected to Yes
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) No
Using DNS over TLS (DoT) No
Using DNS over WARP No
AS Name Cloudflare
AS Number 13335
Cloudflare Data Center DUB

Connectivity to Resolver IP Addresses Yes Yes
2606:4700:4700::1111 No
2606:4700:4700::1001 No