Default playback speed on mobile is only 0.97

Dear reader,

I have uploaded about 60 videos. On my iPhone, the default playback speed of all of these videos is only 0.97 instead of 1, in both Chrome and Safari. The speed is listed as 0.97 in the control bar, and when I measured it with a stopwatch I found out that it indeed plays 3% slower compared to desktop.

My videos were uploaded via the Quick Upload tool, and the issue is present on both the Cloudflare site itself and the embedded videos on my website.
Is there a solution available for this?

I was able to replicate, I don’t know how, and I cannot do it again (but I got a screenshot)

What was your source video frame rate? Mine was a test file I generated at 59.94fps. I’ll try later with an exact 60fps and see if it makes a difference.

cc. @zaid Might have some insight.


Thank you for your comment, I am happy to hear that you could reproduce the issue.
My videos were recorded in 59.94 fps too.

My recent uploads are played in this framerate (my account its framerate was increased manually upon request).
However, my older uploads were also recorded in 59.94, but as that was before I requested the higher framerate, these were converted to 30 fps by Cloudflare.
Both the old and new uploads show the issue with the 0.97 playback speed.

@Mrtn thanks for reporting! I believe this is a bug in a workaround we have in place for the iOS black screen issue that popped up on some devices with iOS 15. Should be able to get this fixed soon.


@kkipp Thank you for the update! I am glad to hear that it is possible to fix this soon.

@Mrtn we’ve just deployed a fix for this. Please let us know if you continue to see any issues. Thanks again for reporting!


@kkipp This solved the issue. I didn’t expect it to be fixed that fast, thank you very much for the help!

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