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Here is a bit of background before my question:

At my workplace, we recently downgraded a couple of pro plan accounts back to free accounts.

On the invoice the month after downgrading, we were billed an extra $17.00 for page rules.

When I reached out to support to discuss this they said it was because we did not cancel the default page rules. They did state that they canceled the page rules so we would not be charged again on the account that I wrote them about. I looked at the other 2 pro accounts that we recently downgraded to free that have the charge and neither of them show any default page rules but still have the charge.

The problem I have is we were not using page rules on these accounts. Even when I look at the other pro accounts they still show 20 out of 20 rules available.

I looked through the audit log and there is nothing in there about page rules either.

My question: Is there someplace else (other than the page rules page) where rules exist that need to be deleted so we do not get the extra charges?

Part of me feels like this is a billing error, but another part of me thinks it might be a gap in my knowledge.

Any insights are much appreciated.

Thank You,


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Does anyone have any ideas here?

It’s not about page rules that may or may not be present, because Billing doesn’t know how many are actually in use. It’s just that you had 20, and if you downgraded without keeping 20 slots, you could lose a lot of page rules.

That’s why there’s one final step in the downgrading process to show you the option to drop the extra allocation and not get charged the Page Rules subscription to maintain the 20 slots.

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