Default NGINX page if using cloudflare

could anyone please help to investigate,

I have a problem while using cloudflare,
if i use proxy on, it will show default nginx page,
but if i disable the proxy, it will show the correct page.
is there anything i configure wrongly in my cloudflare ?

so currently i pause my cloudflare site, it goes directly to my server and it works fine

With Cloudflare :

Without Cloudflare:

and it was working perfectly fine until this morning.
just suddenly got this error

Please make sure that you are using Full (strict) SSL mode in Cloudflare.

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Also, your screenshot shows you are using Nginx 1.18. You might really want to update it every once in a while…

1.18 has not been supported for years now.

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i see, this is the issue.

and for the update, i will do it

Thank you very much. :smiley:

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