Default DNS after re adding custom domain in CloudFlare Pages

Last week I added custom domain in my ClourFlare pages and it was working fine on my first attempt after about 10 mins of adding my domain. I have added some TXT value such as Google verification and Resend everything was working fine.

Yesterday I subscribed to R2 and added the same domain. If I remember it correctly before adding my domain to R2 it asked me that my DNS will be modified/updated and I click YES. After my domain became active/verified in R2, I had problem accessing it. When I go to my website, I think I get “Unauthorized” error message. So I removed my domain in R2 bucket but after hours I still get the same error or my domain is not connected or I have issue with my DNS. I have removed and re added my domain from my Cloudflare pages for a few times because I get the old DNS records (which include txt record from google verification and resend) whenever I re added it and it doesn’t seem to work. My last attempt was I deleted all DNS records in my added custom domain in Cloudflare and use the default nameserver from my domain registrar which is Namecheap. When I added it back to my Cloudflare pages I get the default DNS records from my registrar. It’s been next day and my domain is still serving the namecheap default landing page. The name server is updated with cloudflare ns as I can see in the the whois and disabling DNSSEC as others have pointed out in other replies from the same issue.

My DNS records shows as this.

After adding my custom domain I only added Google verification and resend as thats the only thing I did the first time I did it and working fine.

What else should I do?

You can’t put Pages and R2 both on the same name, because, which one would it go to? So when you added it to R2, it was removed from Pages.

At this point, you should delete the A record for the root domain, and the www CNAME, and then add the custom domain back to your Pages project so the correct DNS record will be created.

Then when you add the domain to R2, create a different hostname for it (a subdomain). Something like Then it won’t conflict; you use that name to get to the R2 bucket.

Thank you for your reply.
I have added my pages url in the CNAME and its working fine. However the www is timeout when I browse it.

My records