Default dashboard view


Introducing the ability to delegate access (members) was a great addition and allows us to help clients without asking the clients to disclose a password and leaving an audit trail for everyone to know the changes that were made.

For those of us who have 100+ domains to manage across several accounts, it would be really useful if the dashboard showed all websites across all accounts rather than just a list of which account to select.

Under /websites (when you don’t select an account but instead select the “websites” tab), we see a list of domains in a compact manner which I personally love but it would be great if we could choose to display more than 30 at a time. I would prefer 100 at a time but 50’s still good.

When selecting an account, you see a list of websites under two columns. I feel this is a little inconsistent with the design and if you can’t make it to look like the above (/websites), perhaps you could use more than two columns for those of us with ultra wide monitors? Also, perhaps the “tick” and “active” could be inline with the domain to save on vertical space?

Finally, when viewing an account, the menu option next to the Cloudflare logo (top-left) shows the current account name. If you click this, you can either go to the current accounts home or select a different account. I believe there should be an option to go to the view where you can choose multiple accounts or even “all websites” if possible.

Thanks for the feedback. Just a few questions before I pass it along.

Since the Websites link is in the header next to accounts, are you asking for the option to make that the default view instead of Accounts?

I believe they may already be reviewing options like this, but not sure. Will pass this along.

Noted, will pass along to the designers.

Are you suggesting that a direct link to the Websites tab be added to this dropdown? Like a View all websites… link below the View all accounts…?

Yes that’s right

Yes that’s right although I realise now clicking the Cloudflare icon does it already!