Default cloudflared config.yml directory

I need to edit the config.yml for the cloudflared docker container, however I am unaware of the location of said file as no shell is installed in the default container. I know how to edit it with just the location, but I don’t even have that. Is anyone aware of the path?

I’m not aware of any default directory used to store the config.yml, however what I did was to perform bind mount from host folder to container folder, then I specify the config file path within the command line parameters such as tunnel --config /etc/cloudflared/config.yml run.

I have a docker compose configuration that looks like this:

version: '3.7' 
         container_name: '${CLOUDFLARED_NAME}' 
         hostname: 'docker-${CLOUDFLARED_NAME}' 
         image: 'cloudflare/cloudflared:${CLOUDFLARED_VERSION}'
             - '${PWD}/cloudflared/:/etc/cloudflared/' 
             - '${PWD}/certs/ca/:/etc/cloudflared/certs/ca/:ro'
         command: 'tunnel --config /etc/cloudflared/config.yml run' 
         restart: 'always'