Default 7-day upload limit increased to 2048GB

Hey folks - a small update on Stream default limits:

We have increased the default 7-day rolling video upload limit from 512GB to 2048GB.

Stream limits are documented at If you require higher upload limits please contact Cloudflare support or your customer success manager (if you have one).


You still need an enterprise account if you want a higher upload limit, right?

No, enterprise account isn’t required. We simply ask that you contact support with your use case to justify limit increase.

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Okay, maybe your policy has changed. I got this answer when I on November 12th, 2020 sent a support ticket regarding increasing the rolling limit:

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can only increase this rolling limit to our Enterprise customers.

Glad to hear this isn’t the case anymore! :+1:

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@dag1 follow up on your support email thread if you still need a higher limit. Team happy to help you get set up with limits that scale for your use case without an enterprise contract. :slight_smile:

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Cannot find these limitations documented anywhere on the linked page.

It’s under the FAQ section to the left - since this post, we lifted the 2048GB per 7 day limit.

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