Defaul setings for OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set

can someone help me, I looking to set the default settings for “OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set”. Does anyone have an idea please ?

There are nearly 2500 rules in that set, each one listed with its Default value.

Are you saying that you made a bunch of changes and want to reset them to default?

Hello sdayman,
Thanks a lor for your anwser.
If it is possible to set default for everything, it is easier if not I am trying to change to false this
“Pack”: “OWASP”,
“Rule desc”: “Inbound Anomaly Score Exceeded (Total Score:, SQLi=, XSS=)”,
“Rule id”: “981176”,
“Set”: “OWASP Inbound Blocking”,
“Value”: true,
“Zone name”: “
I can’t find the change I have made anymore.

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