Deep understanding of Cloudflare Load balancer pricing

I would like to use Cloudflare load balancer for its GeoDNS features.

After searching the documentation and the form, I’m failing to understand what is considered to be a DNS request.

Take this project for example. an API endpoint that receives 12 Billion requests per month and I want to steer the traffic to the closest servers pool.

Using GeoDNS service like Route 53 and setting 5 minutes for TTL will reduce the price usage to about 30-50$

If I’m using Cloudflare that means that each of the requests is being steered so the price would be 12,000$ as it uses 24,000 units of 500,000 requests.

Or is there some cache in the median ISP servers so it would price something close to Route 53, and to my calculation something around 50$ (just for the requests, not including the endpoints and steering function)


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