Deducting money from my my crdit card without my permission


Dear Sir,

this the second time you deduct 16 usd from with out my permission. I have reported the previous time when the money was deducted from me last month. and now it is again the same issue.

today another 16 usd was deducted even I have removed the credit card from my account and my website was removed as well…

Please kindly do deep tracking for the deducted money from me.

and promise me to not take any more money from my credit card.




Sorry, but the community of other Cloudflare users can’t help here. You should login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


I have contacted them… not just that , i have removed my website and my credit card from this cloudflare account.
on top of that they have promised me to not deduct any money from me last month but they deducted!




If you have already contacted support, unfortunately there isn’t anything the community can do to help with a billing issue. Apologies for any issues you are facing, if you post the ticket number, maybe @cloonan or @cscharff can make sure it is in the right queue for you.

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16 USD was deducted from my credit card yesterday as well as last month. I have not received any notification by email… it was just deducted with no services provided. and also not report in your billing system under my account.

I even had removed my credit card removed from this account and my website was migrated as well from this account .

last month your team promised me to not deduct any money from me… but this did not work as your system kept withdrawn money from me.

Please kindly :

1: Promise/ confirm that there will no more money deducted from credit card.

2: To provide me in deep details of with deducted money from my credit card in the last three months.

3: Since no website is added to this account and the credit card was removed… to Refund any deducted money after removing the credit card.
4: Since this Issue was not resolved last month via email with support and billing teams, i had to come here to get it resolved. as i have lost trust on them




As I said before, we are just a community of other Cloudflare users here, we don’t have any access to your account. Only the billing team can look into this for you, we cannot help or confirm anything here.

@cloonan, @cscharff


Hi @nourdin.ali, sorry for the issues you’re facing. I see support replied back to you on 1664769 looking for additional details. (byt the way, duplicate tickets increase delay a lot for everyone as the team needs to go through each of them, one is enough).

I also looked at your account and concur with their findings. Can you review the email from them and send the details the agent was asking about? If there is an issue, the team will address that.

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i have responded to them with all needed details but i did not get any feed back from them.




Hi @nourdin.ali, I see their most recent reply asking for more details and will keep an eye on progress.