Dedicated SSL Cloudflare vs SSL EV

Hello, we actually search to upgrade our share universal SSL provided by Cloudflare to a dedicated one for security reasons (2048 bits encryption, fight against fishing). We have a business plan on cloudflare and have an online store.

At first we were thinking about acquiring an SSL EV cert (provide by company like digicert) but i found that Cloudflare provide dedicated SSL cert too and want to compare both.

I have read that an EV cert is the best way to fight against Phishing due to verification method opted by respective CAs (and despite the fact that browsers are not displaying anymore the organization name directly in green) but if i understand correctly, the dedicated SSL cert from Cloudflare will add our common name in the cert too?

  1. As it’s not require so many verifications like EV cert, is cloudflare dedicated cert is enaugh to prevent phishing activity ?

  2. Is the dedicated SSL cert from Cloudflare has the same authority than a SSL EV ?

  3. Any SEO impact ?

Pro and cons of both ?

Thank you

EV SSL certs cost more, and have more rigid validation requirements than the DV certs Cloudflare use. However, they offer no additional security other than the fuzzy feeling you get when buying something expensive. Cloudflare Universal Certificates offer the same level of security as any other certificate, and the common name does not really change anything other than the appearance when somebody (nerds like me) looks at the certificate. For most users there is no visual indication that the CN on the cert is not your domain.

[[Citation_Needed]], and ideally a citation that is not coming from a company who sell EV certs!

Dedicated certs allow you to generate certs for multiple levels of subdomains (so which are not covered by the Universal certificates. You also get access to features like setting a custom set of ciphers, which offer more security benefits than using an EV certificate.


Are you questioning a literal authority? :wink:


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Thank you again Michael for your answers.

I like this quote, even if it’s sound ads :joy: :joy:

What about SEO? No impact for you if choose EV or Universal Cloudflare Cert?

There are two separate questions here.

I have never seen anything to indicate that SEO will change due to using an EV cert over OV or DV cert.

The documentation says that SEO is improved by using a Dedicated certificate, which you can order from the Cloudflare dashboard. They are $10 per month per zone.

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Thank you Michael ! you rock :wink:

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