Dedicated SSL - change IP ranges?

I recently received the information, that when using a “bring your own” ssl certificate the IP ranges used by Cloudflare for this particular service would change.

I was wondering if the same would be true for the dedicated SSL option?

Which ranges do you exactly mean?

Do you mean the IP addresses assigned to your domain?

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I mean the IP address at cloudflare. In other words, the IP address that is visible to the client (orange cloud).

Yes, these can change at any time. Particularly when you make some plan modifications or change SSL settings.

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Are there guaranteed changes, like if I change my SSL settings (e.g. order a dedicated SSL) I get different IP ranges?

Nothing is guaranteed :slight_smile:. The addresses can change at any time even without any configuration change. Why are you asking?

It’s related to an issue where an ISP blocks some IP ranges and my website seems to be on some of these IP ranges - Server unreachable through

So I am looking for an easy way to change my IP ranges. When asking at Cloudflare’s support, they told me they could not change my IP ranges, without switching to the buisness plan and possibly bring my own ssl certificate, which is currently not a viable option for me.

You cannot change your IP addresses, but I believe this was already addressed in the other thread. As for addresses changing when you change your configuration, as I already wrote that can happen.

A dedicated certificate however, does not necessarily invoke such a change.

Ok, thanks a lot for the feedback, so I will try to change a few settings and hope this might change some IP ranges.

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