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I want some advice I currently have a number of websites on cloudflare and they all have GoDaddy SSL certificates for communication between my server and Cloudflare and then Cloudflare adds their generic comodo SLL which is the one I see when I log on to my pages.

I would like to purchase dedicated certificates from CLoudflare but I havent been able to find exactly how they work. Its easy to understand the Cloudflare-Client part i.e Cloudflare will show this certificate to all my pages visitors. What I don’t understand is what certificate will I have to install to my server facing cloudflare. Will Cloudflare give the dedicated certificate to me to install on my server like I do with godaddy?

any help appreciated!


We don’t provide that same customer facing certificate to install on other servers. Instead you can use a free origin certificate on your servers to secure the communication between Cloudflare and your origin… or you can use your own self signed certificates.


That’s really not going to change anything. You still need some sort of certificate on your server, whether it be the GoDaddy one, or the Cloudflare Origin CA.

Visitors are always going to see some sort of Cloudflare certificate. The Free Universal one is from Comodo, and the Dedicated SSL is from Cloudflare.

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clear, thank you



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