Dedicated SSL Certificate not Working on Domain



Hi, yesterday morning I paid for a Dedicated SSL :cert: and have waited 24 hours. The domain still does not work over https and I keep getting an error 526 page and the website redirects over and over again when the SSL setting is set to “Full (Strict)”.

I have now changed this to Full but unfortunately still does not work. I have also upgraded the domain to the Pro plan hoping this would have an effect but nothing has happened.

Please help! :weary:


Right now you seem to have disabled TLS altogether.

The problem, however, does not seem to be the certificate you ordered but the one on your web server. You either need to change your TLS mode to non-strict “Full” or fix the certificate on your webserver.



TLS is enabled according to Cloudflare settings and I have set the SSL setting to “Full”.

If it is of any use I am pointing my domain to cPanel.


Your domain currently redirects from HTTPS to HTTP. If your TLS mode is not “Off” the redirect likely comes from your server, but that would also mean it does serve HTTPS.


I have contacted my server host to see if they can find the issue as it would make sense that the redirect from https to http is causing the problem here. I will post back here when I have had a response. Thank you @sandro


Well, the original screenshot you posted showed that Cloudflare didnt accept your server certificate (which would indicate it was set to Full strict), now HTTPS seems to work but redirects to HTTP. That either happens at Cloudflare or on your server. In the latter case HTTPS seems to work and you only need to remove the redirect. In the former case you’d need to reconfigure Cloudflare to not redirect HTTPS.


I have the exact same problem. Did you find a way to fix it @tommy_ec ?


The 502 error you are encountering is slightly different from OP’s 526 error.

502 usually is a problem at your origin server:


So is 526 :smile:

@lebbar.consultancy, your site is actually loading


@sandro, my site doesn’t always work, from time to time they show me the picture I shared in my previous message. A problem in my origin server means a problem in my web designer ? Thank you for your reply !


That is something for your host to fix then, they need to check why their server does not serve the request.


The issue I am having with the Dedicated SSL is due to my origin server and is being worked on now by my hosting provider. For anybody else having this issue I would recommend just contacting your hosting provider regarding the issue.


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