Dedicated ssl certificate for $5 still available?

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I have a free account and would like to get a new dedicated ssl certificate for $5 a month. I do not see an option for a dedicated ssl certificate, only an option for Advanced Certificate Manager ($10/month).

Please advise if i could order a dedicated ssl certificate for $5.

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Sorry, ACM is it for now. With the new and better certs, you pretty much get the dedicated cert for free. ACM is a replacement for the Custom Hostnames certificate at the same price point.

What is it you don’t like about your current certificate?

can you please help me understand “the new and better certs” part?

its not dedicated. at all.

i would assume, if there was no difference between the and dedicated ssl, why would cloudflare offer an option for dedicated in a first place?

The $5 option is still shown across

The old certs had a bunch of domains on them, most of them not yours. The newer free certs only have your own domain on them.

server name indication points to i am sure, ifs sufficient for most users.
thank you for your time to answer my question.

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The overwhelming majority of users will never, ever see the Common Name on a certificate. Check out CNNs cert if you want a pretty big example of a cert that has the “wrong” name on the cert.

The requirement for Dedicated and ACM certs is driven by the need for a cert that can go deeper than one level, such as, which the Universal Certs do not cover. ACM has other benefits as well for those with particular requirements.


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