Dedicated SSL and regular (let's encrypt) SSL usage

Hi, please help me understand some things:

I don’t fully understand how to use Dedicated SSL.
I bought it, and now it has the status of “Pending deployment.”

What actions should I do next?
Do I need to install this certificate on the server? On my server, I already have "let's encrypt authority x3" cert, it expires in two days, and I worried about this.
Dedicated SSL and my "let's encrypt authority x3" certificate on the server, in general, has something related to each other?
Or do I just need to reissue my internal "let's encrypt" cert?

Sorry for noobs questions. :slight_smile:

That is good.

That is not so good and you should renew that certificate as soon as possible

That is not something Cloudflare will be involved in however. The dedicated certificate is only for the proxies. You need to manage your server certificates yourself.

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