Dedicated server getting 522 while jMeter test for 500 concurrent users

  • I have want to test server performance when traffic is high aprox. 5000 request per second.

  • Using Cloudflare for the custom SSL certificate for the custom domains and subdomains.

  • server : dedicated server (digitalocean)

  • 8 CPU and 64gb RAM

  • OS: Linux

Apache ProxyTimeout 500

PHP-FPM settings:

Max Requests: 50000

Max Children : 500

Process Idle Timeout : 10

Test case 1: In jMeter when i used 500 users and 12 request url

Jmeter status : 30% error

Response Error Code : 522 From the Cloudflare

Please tell me what best configuration i need to set for the 500 users and 5000 users. i have check web application and its not causing the problem, i think Cloudflare free account may cause 522 Error.

Cloudflare is not going to be timing out at 500/5000 users - this is an issue with your origin server timing out as indicated by the 522 error.

Check your server’s access / error logs and then you can troubleshoot based on those.

@KianNH thanks for quick reply,

Can you please suggest me the best setting of the server for this particular case ?