Dedicated IP - Can't access the admin at Joomla site, without pausing Cloudflare

I have a dedicated IP, and whenever I build a website I lock it down to my singel dedicated IP. When I launch a site, I remove the block in the public part of the site, but the admin part of the site is only accepting my IP.

How do I manage that with Cloudflare involved?

If Joomla and/or your server know how to Restore Visitor IP addresses, this will continue to work.
And this:

When connecting via Cloudflare, the IP address your server sees is not your client IP, but the IP of a Cloudflare proxy server. You mgiht try using Cloudflare’s Zone Lockdown and or Access features to restrict access to the site to specific IPs and/or users.

Got to upgrade my hosting to access mod_Cloudflare :frowning:

Is it working now?

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