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I have a dedicated game server (Project Zomboid) at IONOS with IP: and a free domain “” As soon as my server has 50-80 people on it the DDoS starts, and that’s why I’m looking for protection here… sad but true… All necessary ports are released. What is missing or do I need to upgrade the service? As soon as I want to connect I get “unknown host” but it still works via the IP. I am really grateful for any help.

Screenshot 2022-02-10 181945


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I am not aware of this, but I’ve used OVH game servers and their DDoS is working pretty well in this case.

In terms how Cloudflare could help you with it, I believe using Cloudflare Spectrum, if so? But it may cost you.

May I suggest few articles to find more additional information:

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone else more experienced.

Those attacks target your network and not the web server, so Cloudflare won’t help unless you sign up for the Enterprise package (>$50k).

I suggest getting a server somewhere else with DDoS protection out of the box; I believe some hostings rely on Magic Transit for DDoS protection. Alternatively, Voxility DDoS protection for servers is also affordable and well known in the industry.

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