Dedicated Cloudflare Certificate - OS Mavericks / Browser Safari 7

We have a few sites using Cloudflare, 2 are Pro. One of these has a Cloudflare dedicated certificate, the other does not and uses the shared one. The problem is with OS Mavericks / Browser Safari 7. Accessing the site that uses the dedicated certificate, ‘Safari can’t verify the identity of the website…’ warning is presented, but with the shared certificate, there is no problem.

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I just checked a pro plan site of mine with a dedicated certificate and it passes the Qualys test for Safari 7 on 10.9. What’s your Minimum TLS Version set to in that domain’s SSL/TLS app?

You can test your certs here:

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve just checked and the minimum TLS is 1.0. I’ve also run the site at the link you provided and it passed grade A on all. We have a customer who still has this OS and browser who reported problem, but only way we can test it is via BrowserStack. But it showed exactly the same as the customer.

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