Dedicated Certificate - Not Working For Me

my domain is

  1. I bought dedicated certificate ssl just 2 hour before
  2. setting is Full Strict
  3. Always use https , Automatic HTTPS Rewrites - both enabled
  4. Disabled Universal SSL
  5. Enabled Development mode

Error: 404 on webpage, on homepage - gets not secure Your connection is not private

kindly help me out

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I get this -

This error is due to an invalid certificate on your server itself. While using Full strict SSL, the certificate must be valid, either with an origin certificate, LetsEncrypt, or a paid certificate.

You can change SSL mode (in the ssl/tls tab) to “full” non-strict if you want to keep using the expired/invalid certificate.

If you don’t see the page I screenshotted, please post a screenshot of the page yourself.

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