Dedicated Certificate not showing

Hello, I have purchased a Dedicated Certificate (I am on the Free Plan) but it is not showing in the browser when the Certificate is inspected. It is still showing the Shared Certificate. Anyone know why this might be? Thanks, Grahame.

Hmmm…there’s the slight chance Dedicated Certs move you to a different IP address, and it takes a few minutes to propagate.

Or…the Dedicated Cert hasn’t been issued, though it’s usually pretty quick. What do you see in the Edge Certificates section of the Crypto page?

If you post the domain, we can double-check.

If you’re feeling brave, you can scroll to the bottom of the Crypto page and Disable Universal SSL. That may force the dedicated cert to take precedence, though it shouldn’t come to this. You can always re-enable Universal SSL if your SSL breaks.

Thank you sdayman,

Your quick response is very much appreciated, actually I purchased the Certificate yesterday, it was issued immediately and when I checked the Certificate in the browser it was working then and was showing that it had been issued on the domain. This morning when I checked again it had reverted back to the shared SSL?

In the Edge Certificates Section of the Crypto page I see this –, * (2 hosts) Universal 1

*, (2 hosts) Dedicated 2

I only purchased 1 dedicated Certificate, I don’t understand why it says 2?

I just checked again and now its showing, it looks like it is playing hide and seek!

What do you think?

Hide and Seek is usually DNS propagating and should clear up in a day or two, depending on your ISP. It should be much faster, but some name servers don’t update as quickly as they should.

As for why there are 2 certs…I used to know, but I don’t have any dedicated certs right now. There are two types of certs you get, I believe depending on browser compatibility, but here they are:
Q: What type of SSL certificates are provided?

1. SHA-2/ECDSA signed certificate using P-256 key
2. SHA-2/RSA signed certificate using RSA 2048-bit key
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Thanks sdayman (What does MVP mean? I’m a newbie)

Here’s where we are, I have it working at the moment - This is what I did - I Disabled Universal SSL and I turned OFF Always use HTTPS. I don’t need it on because it is forced further down the line (So to speak). After I disabled Universal SSL it still didn’t work BUT after I turned OFF Always use HTTPS it started to work. The problem SEEMS to have been one of three things or a combination of some of them. 1. Propagation (Which is not really a problem) 2. Having Universal SSL enabled when there was already a Dedicated Certificate issued on the domain. OR 3. Forcing HTTPS when really it was not required. MAYBE. In any case it seems at the moment all is well. Ill keep my fingers crossed. Yes, I understand now why it says 2 Certs. I have also learned that the Dedicated Certificate issued is an (OV) and has been upgraded from a (DV) which is nice. I didn’t fully understand at the beginning what all the benefits of having a Dedicated Certificate were but I’m little clearer now. Thanks again for taking the time to give me your I’m absolutely in love with my shiny new Cert Ill really impress the girls now! Grahame.

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It is the top level of contributor (not staff) on these forums… It stands for Most Valued Person or something similar! They have been around for a long time and have rights to split / move topics etc.

The next one down is Regular (Which you will see by my name), someone who contributes regularly but doesn’t have powers to split / merge / move threads.

Member and Basic are then the two most common that don’t have extra privileges.

Glad you got your issue sorted in the end!


Well, knock me down with a feather, what a friendly nice bunch of people. Wish I had neighbors like you. Thank you very much domjh, There really are nice people in the world! :smiley:


Everyone has Universal SSL by default… it makes no sense to me that its’ existence will block the Dedicated SSL from being used (but I don’t have a Dedicated SSL myself to verify that, I’m waiting for February to order)

Also, it is not an OV certificate. Do you see your organization’s details (city, country, legal registration #, etc) on the cert? I don’t, I see it is “Cloudflare”, which is not your organization.

The advantages of Dedicated are, in my eyes: All types of certs, including RSA (= support for those people who still use Windows XP and refuse to use Firefox), and not having Cloudflare’s SSI hostname on the CN.

Thanks for the input shimi! :smiley:

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