Dedicated certificate is missing



I have 2 domains assigned on one cloudflare account (both domains in Free plan). I have bought dedicated certificate for domain, and everything is ok - I can see Dedicated certificate from “Overview” and it showed up in “Crypto” bookmark (I see universal and dedicated certificate). The problem is when I bought dedicated certificate for second domain using credit card (same payment method as first domain) I got an error:“An error occurred while deleting zone subscription: hook failed to validate zone subscription delete, zone is already free (Code: 5607).”
It also charged my credit card for 3,22$ (for 2/3 month) but in Crypto/SSL bookmark i still can see only Universal SSL. Weirder thing is that dedicated certificate appears on main page. Also I cannot buy again dedicated certificate - “You are currently using 0 of 1 of your Dedicated SSL Certificates and do not have any Dedicated SSL Certificates with Custom Hostnames.”


You should contact billing :

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